Tour de Singkarak 2010

The launching of Tour de Singkarak 2010 was held on January 29th, 2010 at Balairung room РSapta Pesona Building, Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Tour de Singkarak 2010 itself will happening in 1 until 6 June, 2010. It has several  race category, those are: 2.2 Category РAsia Tour 2010 Constitute Combination РRegistered in UCI [Union Cycling International].

Race route of Tour de Sinkarak 2010  are divided into several stage, and those are:
1. Stage 1. start and finish at padang city, will taking 4.4 km distances.
2. Stage half 2A. start at Padang city and finish in Pariaman, will taking 70 km distances.
3. Stage half2B start at Pariaman and finish in Mukomuko, will taking 69 km distances.
4. Stage 3 start at Mukomuko and finish in Bukitinggi, will taking 41 km distances.
5. Stage 4 start at Bukittinggi and finish in Sawahlunto, will taking 84.6 km distances.
6. Stage 5 start at Sawahlunto and finish in Batusangkar, will taking 105 km distances.
7. Stage 6 start in Padang Panjang and finish in Singkarak Lake, will taking 187.5 km distances.

Arrange your next summer holiday to participating  or just to watching this international bicycle racing while you can enjoy the nature tourism and culture tourism of Minang Kabau. Have a nice Holiday! /rj.