The Tabuik Festival/ Pesta Budaya Tabuik

Saturday, January 17th 2009. | Pariaman Tourism

tabuik-pariaman Tabuik was refer to the funeral biers, made from bamboo, rattan and papers. Tabuik is a local festival in west coast of sumatra, which is west sumatra province-Indonesia, pariaman district. This festival held to recollect of the karbala battle, where Husayn ibn Ali who is the Prophet Muhammad grandson was died. The karbala battle culminating was occur on the 10th of muharram in islamic calender/ the ashura, and that is why nowdays every muharram 10 there is the tabuik festival, and become a famous pariaman tourism event.

To built tabuik was need 10 days, that was refer to the 10 days of karbala battle, there ware some procession. On muharram 1 was Maambiak Tanah/ soil taken, it was symbolized to the grave of Husayn ibn Ali. Muharram 5 was Manabang Batang Pisang/ to cut the banana’s tree, symbolized to show how sharp the battle sword was. On the noon of muharram 7 was Maatam, this was symbolized to the expression of the sadness of husayn dying. Night of the 7th of muharram there was Maarak Panja(jari jari Husyn)/ the procession of fingers of husayn, symbolized to the king yazid sadistic. On muharram 8 was Maarak Panja (saroban husayn), it was symbolized to shown how religious Husayn was. And the 10th of muharram was festival tabuik/ the tabuik festival, where the arracking of tabuik will across pariaman city escort by tassa and dhol drums, finally at sunset, it is time for tabuik to throwing into the gandoriah beach, and the tabuik festival was ended by it.

Throwing the tabuik into the beach was held for the first time by muslim indian troops, were the colony of british which are settle in pariaman during the britih invation at west sumatra. /r.j