The Old City Tour

Friday, January 23rd 2009. | Padang Tourism

old-city-tour Every Sunday at Taman Kota/ Lapangan Imam Bonjol which is the Padang city square, there is a mini tourism train which brought you arround the old city of Padang, as we know for the first time that Padang city were growth at the Muara bay. It will cost you Rp. 20.000/ person.

This tour will start at Taman Kota to the old city/ Muara bay, then to Padang beach, turn to Taman Melati which are for picnic area and the Adityawarman museum itself, and finally back to Taman Kota – which were your kid can played a lot of games.

Along the tour you will saw the old buildings with narrow street which was the heritage from the dutch, the mosque, church, and the house of chines clan, Muara bay with Gunung Padang Hill, and ofcourse Sitinurbaya Bridge. We will watched sunset at Padang beach if we are lucky, sightseeing the Taman Melati with the Adityawarman museum. It is good for family/ friends gathering.

I recommended this city tourism to you, just to enrich our knowledge about Padang city. (PS. One lack of this tour is no guide to explain for, but we can understand just by reading the sign or named plat, or even asking someone who beside your seat.) /r.j

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