The Gandoriah Beach/ Pantai Gandoriah

Saturday, January 17th 2009. | Pariaman Tourism


The gandoriah beach is about more less 100 meters from pariaman downtown, so you just have to walking to come to this beach, passed over by tourism train come from padang city in every Sunday. It is become a beach tourism in pariaman city, the beach along the ocean of indonesia, border with batang piaman bay, which is the port of local fisherman. The sands of beach is dark but soft, slooping beach with friendly wave, it is nice to go to swim. In front of the gandoriah beach, there is a several isles, such as ansoduo island, and it is take a few minutes by boat to come to this island from gandoriah beach.

Along the gandoriah beach, there were growth a sea spruces, so the beach are so nice for picnic, sightseeing, swimming, boating, and ofcourse to watch sunset, and nowdays the district pariaman government develope the gandoriah beach area with adding some tourism fasilities, such as performance stage, beach volleyball area, gifts corner. And every year on this beach always be held a famous festival, the festival of tabuik. /r.j