Tanjung Mutiara Beach

Sunday, October 25th 2009. | Tanah Datar Tourism

The Tanjung Mutiara beach is not like a beach that we already know, because it is a beach of  Singkarak lake not of shore; but still the view is fantastic. Locate at Nagari batutaba, it is about 30 KM from Batusangkar.

Pantai Tanjung Mutiara

At this lake there are the endemic fish that called by ‘ikan bilih’, and it is a specific food  from this region. And for souvenir you can buy mattress and pillow fill in with cotton, high quality  with low price. The tourism facilities are available around this beach, it is nice place for picnic, sightseeing and it can be the destination for your next nature tourism. /r.j

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