Sunur Beach/ Pantai Sunur

Saturday, January 17th 2009. | Pariaman Tourism

sanur-pariaman To come to Sunur beach is a nice road sightseeing, with narrow street and thick of a varieties of vegetation, and a houses. The sanur beach more for culinary tourism than beach tourism. It is because along the sanur beach are so many kedai nasi/ a bufet which is sale a specific cuisine, it was gulai lauak capa/ capa fish curry and nasi daun badiang/ rices wrap with the banana leaf which was withered for taken hot by the fire. Take a lunch while seeing a view of front sea with two of island before, pulau tangah/ tangah island and pulau anso duo/ anso duo island, and the fishing boat are to approach the beach, it is a special moment to have. /r.j

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