Siti Nurbaya Bridge and The Grave of Siti Nurbaya

Wednesday, January 14th 2009. | Padang Tourism

siti-nurbaya-bridge Gunung padang/ padang mountain actually is a hill, which are famous with jembatan sitinurbaya/ sitinurbaya bridge, and the grave of sitinurbaya herself. Sitinurbaya is a legend, which are lives among padang citizen. She famous because of her did to refuse to get married with datuak maringgih, the man that her parent want to become her husband. It is the tradition in minangkabau about parent to arrange the man for their doughter to marry with, so in that time no dating.

The sitinurbaya bridge is one of the tourism areas in padang. Locate in south of padang city, about 1 KM, is so easy to reach from downtown by using public transportation or taxi. This tourism destination will crowded in the afternoon till evening with people for enjoying the mouth of the arau river view while eating corn bake or banana bake. Grave of sitinurbaya was laying on slope of gunung padang/ padang mountain, which are have a wonderfull view of the sea. /r.j