SIKUAI The Privilege Island

Wednesday, January 14th 2009. | Padang Tourism


The Sikuai island is a popular tourism in West Sumatera, Indonesia. It is a wonderfull and private island with white sand beach, and tropical weather, while the exotic wave may spoilt those who wanting for unforgetable natural moments. Sikuai island is about ± 23 KM up to south Padang city, which is at Bungus bay.

To come to this island, you can reach by public transportation or taxi, and you stop at teluk kabung pier, then you will take a motor boat and cross the sea into the Sikuai island, or with other route is from wisata-bahari-pier/ dermaga-wisata-bahari at muara-port/ pelabuhan-muara, Padang, about 20 minutes by speedboat and 60 minutes by boat into Sikuai island.

There is a resort in Sikuai island, total area about ± 44.4 Ha, with amount of cottages, a restaurant, conference hall, swimming pool and also a jogging track, and ofcourse the access to diving or snorkling, and other activity on the sea surrounding the Sikuai island. With the tropical atmosphere you will relax and enjoy your private moments, away from your routine activity. And at a final moment, in the afternoon you will see an exotic sunset from the Sikuai beach or from the top of Sikuai hill. /r.j