Sawo Island/ Pulau Sawo

Thursday, January 15th 2009. | Padang Tourism

The Sawo Island Sawo island, the north island in district padang, sub district koto tangah, 4.6 Hectare width and relative flat landscape with 0 to 5% from sea level, is a non-urban island.  A virgin island, white sand beach, still stream on the east and wave on west side of island, full of fish and reef,  dominant with coconut trees and varieties with other vegetation. It is about 2.2 KM from Pasia Jambak Beach, need 10 minutes by using fishing boat, and 20 minutes with a rowboat.

The water ecology of sawo island and location are interesting and available for swimming, snorkling and diving, camping, fishing, hiking while enjoy the exotic view. It is good for padang tourism developing. /r.j