Pandan Island/ Pulau Pandan

Thursday, January 15th 2009. | Padang Tourism

turtle-and-reef It is need 30 minutes from muara bay to come to this island. Pandan island is about 22.5 KM from padang city-muara padang, with area 8 hectare, have a sloping beach on south side and a varieties of vegetation on the north side, wave come from west and eastern side of island.

Sloping beach about 4 to 5 M length and smooth sands brought turtles to breed on this island, almost 500 to 1000 turtle’s eggs per week. On the center area of pandan island there is a fortress and canon, dutch heritage. The wave is big enough with the clear of water in 2 to 3 meters depth, a lot of reef and fish.

Pandan island is good for seacoast tourism, forest tourism, and history tourism in padang. /r.j