Maninjau Lake

Monday, April 27th 2009. | Agam Tourism


Maninjau Lake is a caldera type. situate in 461.50 meters up sea level, with 495 depth. legend said; the lake was appear after the eruption of  Sitinjau mountain, as you can see from the hill which sorrounding Maninjau Lake stood like a wall.

The Maninjau Lake is watering the river  of  Batang Antokan, and at the upstream of Batang Antokan there is a hydro power plant of Maninjau.  Puncak Lawang/ The Peak of Lawang is the highest hill in Maninjau Lake area. And if you come from Bukittinggi city to Maninjau Lake, you will through the famous Veers, named the 44’s Veer, cross along 10 KM from Ambun Pagi till Maninjau.

To come to the Maninjau lake you can use public transportation or  maybe you prefer to rent a car,  and if you want to stay,  there are so many cottage around the lake.  The beautiful lake for your  next  tourism  destination. /r.j