Jam Gadang/ Big Clock

Saturday, January 17th 2009. | Bukit Tinggi Tourism

jam-gadang Jam gadang is the landmark of Bukittinggi city, west sumatra province, Indonesia. It was built in 1926 by a native architec, named Yazid Sutan Gigi ameh, the first stone was taken by the first son of Rook Maker, in that time was about 6 years old. Jam gadang was a present from the Queen of England for the controleur. In dutch colony time jam gadang looks like a circle and the above was a statue of cock, while in japan invation jam gadang changed looks as a temple, and when Indonesia have a freedom, jam gadang looks changed again, and it become the ornament of the traditional minangkabau house/ rumah adat minang kabau.

There is a unique thing about jam gadang, as we known in rome code, 4 have a sign IV, but on this clock we will saw IIII. From the top of jam gadang we can see the view of bukittinggi area, merapi mountain, singgalang mountain, sago mountain, and sianok canyon. Nowdays there are a garden and plaza were been built, and many fasilities for tourism. It is a famous tourism destination in bukittinggi city. /r.j

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