Itiak Lado Mudo The Hot Spicy Food From Bukittinggi

Wednesday, November 4th 2009. | Bukit Tinggi Tourism

When you are a fan of hot and spicy food maybe you should eat Itiak Lado Mudo. Itiak Lado Mudo or Itiak Lado Ijau itself  is a duck meat in green pepper curry. It is very hottest spicy food, just to remember that you have to brought a lot of tissues to wipe out your sweats. It is  an angel but also a demon taste of food, even you try to watering the duck meat the hot and spicy flavor will not remove from it. Everything so perfect, the hot spicy flavor and a soft duck meat are mingle in one tone taste; and also its will serve with a slice of cucumbers and karupuak jangek. Karupuak jangek is a chips from skin of  cows.

itiak lado ijau

Just come and taste the itiak lado mudo at Rumah Makan Ngarai which is locate at Jalan Ngarai Binuang, Bukittinggi – Indonesia. It is at Ngarai Sianok bottom level exactly took place. Very nice place for your culinary tourism and also nature tourism, and do not worry if you want to brought as a souvenir the frozen itiak lado mudo are serve to carry back home. Have a nice meal! /r.j

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