Istano Basa Pagaruyuang/ The Palace Of Basa Pagaruyuang

Thursday, February 12th 2009. | Tanah Datar Tourism


The Palace of Basa Pagaruyuang is the icon of West Sumatra province tourism, which is the icon of mathernal cultural of Minangkabau. This palace is a duplicate of  The  Rajo Alam Pagaruyuang/ Ustano si Linduang Bulan that been fire by Dutch in 1804, and the real location is about 1 KM of duplicate Palace Of Basa Pagaruyuang.The Palace of Basa Pagaruyuang was built on 27 December 1976, have a 11 Gonjong, 72 pylons and 3rd floors, including Surau, Tabuah and Rangkiang Patah Sambilan.


This palace is also a museum of Minagkabau cultural. And on 27 february 2007 the Palace of Basa Pagaruyuang been fire again by nature accident, it is by lightning which been fire the roof of the palace that made by ijuk/ fibre of palm tree.A sadness moment for all Minangkabau societies. At present time the Palace of Basa Pagaruyuang is begin to rebuild, need help for everyone who care about Minangkabau cultural. /r.j

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