CerMin Beach/ Pantai CerMin

Saturday, January 17th 2009. | Pariaman Tourism

cermin-pariaman Walking along gandoriah beach about south side along more less 1500 meters, passing through the path with a lot of coconut’s trees and a shady of sea spruces side to side, along this path we will served by a lot of food’s kios which are sale nasi/ rices ‘SEK’ a.k.a Santai/ relax Enak/cozy Kenyang/ full (take meal with Relax, Cozy beach atmosphere and get Full), some specific pariaman foods –sala lauak-sala udang-sala cumi-sala kapitiang-sate pariaman, and etc. Finally come to the cermin beach, The name of cermin was refer to CEmara MIni/ mini spruces. The cermin beach located near by pariaman district government office. It is about more less 1.5 KM from downtown, with wide and slooping beach, a fresh sea atmosphere, are fix for tourism destination in pariaman city, such as picnic, held a birthday party, art and music performing, and sightseeing. /r.j