Aia Manih Beach/ Pantai Aia Manih

Wednesday, January 14th 2009. | Padang Tourism

aia-manih-beach-view About 10 KM to south of padang city, behind gunung padang/ padang mountain. Aia manih beach is one of the padang tourism destination. Beach with light dark to white sands, wide and sloping when tide. In front aia manih beach there is a island, name is pulau-pisang-ketek/ pisang-ketek island, it is about more than 200 M which is can reach by foot.

The aia manih beach has a legend behind, named legenda batu malin kundang/ stone of malin kundang legend, and it is a famous legend we have. Stone of malin kundang is looks like a man which is bowed down among few of part of ship materials, it is happen becuase he had a cursed from his mother, becuase his arrogant. This legend tell us to have to obey our mother.

Aia manih beach have several tourism fasilities, such as parking area, the street along the beach, relax area, foods corner, sovenier shops, motel, public toilet, and mosque. Aia manih beach is a complete area for tourism, fix for picnic, camping, surfing, and other activities, and also to see the famous legend of the stone of malin kundang the rebel son. To come to this beach is so easy, you can reach by public transportation or by taxi, and before you to come about to aia manih beach you will through the padang mountain, and you will see the beautifull and exotic sea view, so wonderfull indeed! /r.j

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