About Padang

Padang is a district in west sumatra, which is the capital of West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Padang known as central of economic, education, healthy affair, and ports in west sumatra, nowadays the district padang government is deal with tourism developing program. Have celebrating the anniversary of padang city every 7th of august each year since  1669.


Padang city was located at west coast of sumatra island, betwen 0°44’00” – 1°08’35” of south latitude with 100°05’05” – 100°34’09” of east longitude. According to the law of padang district number 17 with years 1980 about the area of padang city was about 694.96 KM square, or it is same of 1.65 percent of the west sumatra province. About more less than 434.63 KM square was hills, and the rest was an urban population. Padang city have a beach length along 84 KM and 19 of isles, such as Sikuai Island at bungus teluk kabung subdistrict with 38.6 KM square area, and Toran Island at south padang subdistrict with area about 25 KM square. The hills across in east and south side of padang city, some of famous hills in padang, such as Lampu Hill, Gunung Padang hill, Gado-Gado Hill, and Pengambiran Hill.

Padang city were about 0 M to 1,853 M above sea level with the most high area was lubuk kilangan subdistrict. The rivers in padang city were about 5 big rivers, and 16 small rivers, and have a long river was batang kandis river as 20 KM long. The rain avarage was about 17 days per a month in 2003 year, and have a high temperature, were about 23 to 32 degrees of celsius at noon and 22 to 28 degrees of celsius at night, and about 78 to 81 percent moisture.

Padang tourism object were about beach tourism (such as padang beach, carolina beach, and pasia jambak beach), island resort such as sikuai resort at Sikuai Island, legend tourism (such as sitinurbaya bridge and the grave of sitinurbaya ata gunung padang hill), historical tourism (such as a adityawarman museum), research tourism, culinary tourism (famous with specific cuisine such as rendang, satay, and curry, and also kerupuk balado as a trademark padang gift)

Accesibility (Courtesy of Padang Tourism and Culture Ofice)

By Air

Padang is the main gate to West Sumatera by air through Minangkabau International Airport, 23 km north of city center (30 minutes bus ride). This airport is serverd by Garuda, Merpati, Mandala, Lion Air, Adam Air, Batavia Air, Sriwijaya Air, Air Asia. International flights served by MAS, Silk Air, to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

By Sea

Padang has three seaports; Teluk Bayur harbour,  Muara and Bungus Teluk Kabung. Teluk Bayur harbour, 6 kms south of the city is the main entry port bye sea. Big ships (passenger and cargo) call at this port. Muara Harbour at Muara river and Teluk Kabung harbour at Bungus Bay served by small and medium boats to Mentawai and Nias Islands.

By Land

Terminal Regional Bingkuang (Bus Terminal) situated at Air Pacah. Koto Tangah District 20 km from the city on the highway server intercity buses to Jakarta (30 hours), Medan (20 hours). For transportation inside the city, bus, taxi, and small vehicles (angkot) are avaialble. Traditional Horse drawncarts are still maintained.

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